This is the true story of 6 strange people picked to play in a band and have their music taped.  Find out what happens when people stop covering Van Morrison and start getting real....  The Band Up.......    While this particular band is in its infancy, the lineup is comprised of musicians who have played in other musical acts for the better part of the last 10 years (Red Dye 9, Big Slik, October Babies, Tiny Water Flea Clocks).  The band UP is a combination of 5 different musical influences, styles, experiences, and inspirations, brought together to create a catalog of music that lends itself to an energetic live performance.  

Genre :  Alternative / Progressive  / Pop / Rock with a hint of folk, a taste of country, and a healthy dose of Americana.

Our Philosophy is to put quality above quantity when it comes to live performances.  Each show is to be different from the others in order to provide a unique experience for our growing following.  Different set lists / themes / supporting acts / etc.. are the product of pushing ourselves creatively to provide a new show for our audiences every time they see us play.

We are currently working on completing our debut album.  Should be completed by late 2016....

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Who we are


Chris O’Keefe - Vocals, Innuendo

Dale King - Guitar, Vocals, Songs, Hospitality

Steve Gogola - Bass, R & D

Cesar Diaz - Drums, Samples, Vocals, Karma

Mike Zielinski - Keyboards, Songs, Vagaries

Jeff Blaszkowski - Rhythm Guitar